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The new and exclusive AS60 GK stick. Designed and used by German No. 1 goalkeeper, Alex Stadler. This is an exciting collaboration between Y1 and Iconic Goalkeeping. They have created this exciting leopard print design and been instrumental in creating a goalkeeper stick to meet the needs of the modern GK. As used by Alex Stadler in the Men's World Cup.

Our pioneering mould returns but in the form of a GK stick. The GLB profile is a revolutionary stick that combines a smooth low bow with a squared shaft and face. The extended backhand surface area that takes inspiration from the back of a cricket bat enables goalkeepers to clear the ball using their reverse stick, just as easily as the open face of the stick. This is unlike any other GK stick on the market and this unique shape is set to give you that edge. 

We have extended  the grip length to 48cm to allow for a nice cushioned feel when holding the stick centrally in the right hand. This allows for extra comfort and balance point tailored by Alex Stadler.

The AS60 is manufactured with 60% Carbon and 40% Aramid/Fibreglass. 


  • Composition: 60% Premium Japanese Carbon & 40% Aramid/Fibreglass
  • Balance point: 40+-
  • Weight: 525g +-
  • Bow: 24.5mm
  • Bow Placement: 210mm

Y1 Technologies

  • Y1 Premium Japanese Carbon
  • Powerzone to increase backhand performance
  • Bristled Extended High Control Area on head/shaft (EHCA)
  • New Y1 Durashock Blend end cap to improve shock absorption and power transfer through the ball