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ELB 2.0 (2023/24)

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We have tried to create a stick that makes a huge difference to how hockey can be played. In all hockey, the most common skill is trapping the ball, and the most common reason for breakdown is mis-trapping the ball. We have created a stick that reinvents the game and revolutionises the surface area on the head of a stick to make trapping the ball the easiest it has ever been.

The ELB’s revolutionary design incorporates touch toe technology and heel lock to aid with dribbling and overhead passes.  


  • Composition: Medium Carbon Blend with additional softening fibres.
  • Balance Point: 37+-
  • Weight: 530g +-
  • Bow: 24.5mm
  • Bow Placement: 210mm

Y1 Technologies

  • Y1 Japanese Carbon Technology
  • Y1 Heel Lock Technology
  • Hot Edge - Enhanced Backhand Zone for Power
  • Cut Toe Backhand
  • Touch Toe Technology
  • Y1 Attacker and Defender Low Bow profile
  • Bristled Extended High Control Area on head/shaft (EHCA)
  • Y1 Durashock Blend end cap to improve shock absorption and power transfer 

Our 2023/24 range is here to celebrate the amazing nature, colours and culture that can be found in Africa. As a company, Y1 is now carbon neutral and we are continually looking to reduce our impact on the planet, from reducing single use plastics to offsetting our carbon footprint. We are only at the beginning of our sustainability journey and we have a long way to go, however our passion for growing the game feels especially relevant with this year’s range.


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