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Y1 Hockey

Panna Elite Padel Racket

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Designed for professional or advanced players, the Panna Elite Padel Racket is made with 18k Swedish Textreme carbon, offering superior strength and lightness. Its Vibra-Lock system and hexagon silicone technology provide performance and power without loss of touch, while helping to reduce vibration and the probability of injury. Experience exceptional control with the Y1 Y-Beam and Vibro channels at the side of the frame.

The Panna Elite Padel Racket offers a strong combination of power, resilience and control for an elite-level playing experience. Its 18k Carbon Textreme construction gives it a lightweight 360g weight, while its Hexagon silicone system and Vibra-Lock technology ensures a precise impact and premium EVA rebound. The 38mm thick Panna Y1 Diamond shape provides enhanced stability and spin for great power on deep shots. Developing and advanced players alike can benefit from its professional player specifications.

Please note: there are some minor visual defects on this padel, however performance is not affected.