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Project Noir

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Part of the BF23 range.

Project Noir

By adjusting the core of the stick we are giving you the opportunity to try something completely new for Y1. Our aim is to make the most technologically advanced stick to give optimum feel and power. The desired effect is to improve ball speed when hitting but response on close control. The Project Noir is available in a beautiful low bow shape.

This stick is an evolution of hockey as we know it. #ReinventTheGame

Available in 36.5, 37.5 and 38.5.

Balance point: 39+-
Weight: 525g +-
Bow Height: 24.5mm
Bow Placement: 200mm
Bow Shape: Low Bow

This is a prototype that we have been working on over the past 12 months. This is your opportunity to be an exclusive stick tester for Y1 Hockey and your feedback over the next few months will be hugely valuable to our product development. This experiment helps us decide if we should bring this product to our 2024/25 Range. We choose to test our products with our close community, building a brand that is shaped by the players that use our products. 


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Terms & Conditions of Purchase:

*Due to this being a prototype there are no returns, exchanges, refunds or replacements for damage or breakages. This is the best deal of the year, and this is part of the risk of being an exclusive stick tester. Sponsored player discount codes are also NOT valid for this product due to the already low price for top range sticks.


Customer Reviews

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Manon Cremers
Project Noir

Great I would say perfect ballance for technical player, indian dribble perfect hook and good drag. Carbon fibre could be better, vibrates, Would love to see them in the Swedisch carbon format next test. But overall great****

Project noir

The stick is less than 2 months old and it is already broken.
The stick broke in two during a normal forehand shot.
The quality is therefore poor.
I hope Y1 can do something about this.

We wait and see...

Rory Horne
Brilliant execept for one thing

Everything about the stick is perfect especially the drag flicking, 3d skills and tomahawk. The only negative that I found coming from adidas sticks was that the hitting didn't feel as nice and it was a lot harder.

Project Noir

The stick works great. It really improved my power on shots and passes and I can only recommend it

Nils Helling
Project Noir

Hey guys,
the colouring and design of the stick is great. Also the stiffness and touch is very good.
In my opinion the thickness of the head is to much. The thinner, the better. Also the shape of the shaft could be more round (for example: Malik LB/XLB).
Cheers, Nils