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Mirage CTF Padel Racket

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Step onto the court with the Mirage CTF, a diamond-shaped marvel meticulously engineered to redefine your padel experience. With its groundbreaking design featuring two distinct sides, this racket is poised to revolutionise the way you play, setting you apart as a formidable force on the court.

Unparalleled Design: The Mirage CTF boasts a revolutionary concept with two different sides, each tailored to elevate specific aspects of your game. Prepare to confound opponents as the design makes it challenging for them to anticipate your shots, giving you a strategic advantage with every swing.

Lightweight Mastery: Crafted for agility and precision, the Mirage CTF is ingeniously lightweight, allowing you to manoeuvre effortlessly across the court. With swift movements and lightning-fast reactions, you'll dominate rallies and dictate the pace of play with unparalleled finesse.

Ultimate Performance: Gain the edge you've been seeking with the Mirage CTF's innovative features. On the forehand side, experience the power of the ultra-high spin face, enabling maximum rotations on the ball for devastating precision and control. Meanwhile, unleash unparalleled power with the power face, perfect for dominating forehand shots with explosive force.

Tailored Versatility: On the backhand side, discover the responsive spin face, engineered to deliver exceptional spin control and shot placement. Additionally, the control face provides enhanced precision, allowing you to masterfully finesse your backhand shots with unmatched accuracy and control.

Carbon Frame: Engineered with a 30% carbon frame, the Mirage CTF strikes the perfect balance between durability and performance. Experience optimal power transmission and responsiveness with every stroke, ensuring consistent performance match after match.

Elevate your game to unprecedented heights with the Mirage CTF Padel. Embrace the power, precision, and versatility of this groundbreaking racket, and dominate the court with confidence and finesse. It's time to unlock your true potential and leave your opponents in awe with the Mirage CTF by your side.


  • Shape: Diamond
  • Weight: Light
  • Balance: Neutral
  • Face: Side A - Ultra control face. Side B - Power face
  • Core: Dynamic core
  • Grip: Ultra soft original
  • Carbon: Premium Japanese Carbon
  • Spin: Side A - Responsive Spin Face. Side B - Ultra High Spin Face
  • Carbon Jacked Verified climate action product

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