At Y1 Hockey we are passionate about not just growing the game, but doing so in a sustainable way. Over the past two years we have been making big changes within our business to be as sustainable as possible and to reduce our carbon footprint. 

A few of our key projects are outlined below: 

1. Changing our packaging to recycled / biodegradable - all products are now shipped in either cardboard boxes with recycled paper tape and clothing/accessories are delivered in biodegradable mailer bags. These can be put into your food waste disposal in order to reduce our impact and our customers. 

2. Recycled teamwear - we have spent the last 18 months designing and producing a new teamwear range all made from recycled fabrics and organic cotton. We call this the ENVO2.1 range and is one of the most environmental in the teamwear industry. From our padded bench jackets to our playing shirts, they are made with recycled fabric and are some of the most premium items we have ever produced. 

3. Manufacturing in the UK - we've worked hard to move production of certain items to the UK, to reduce emissions on air miles. We are proud to now make our bespoke playing shirts in the UK and also our hockey socks. We have rolled out these items for many of the hockey clubs that we provide Y1 teamwear for. We also print and embroider a wide range of our YoungOnes Apparel products in the UK. 

4. Becoming Carbon Negative - The main goal of Y1 Hockey is to become carbon negative across our entire business. This is a big step and we have recently formed a partnership with sustainability consultants, Carbon Jacked. They are doing a full assessment of our business and we will then look to reduce our co2 emmission wherever we can and we will also look to work with carbon offsetting projects to become a carbon negative business. Stay tuned for more developments and a full sustainability report we will be releasing.